How Professional Voice Over Can Help Businesses in their ROI

How Professional Voice Over Can Help Businesses in their ROI

More and more businesses today utilize videos to advance their marketing aims especially in terms of engaging their target clients. Since all marketing activities are geared towards calling a specific action from their customers, a professional voice over can help convey the right message in the video. This helps drive home the value of a very engaging marketing content.

Video marketing can have a significant impact on the growth of a particular business. Because videos are very engaging, providing a professionally-made voice over will help deliver the message to the viewers. This is very important because many of today’s consumers do multi-tasking and they have relatively very short attention span. They will not really have the luxury of time to digest the message being conveyed in a video as everything can be blurred to them. Adding a voice over will help them process the information, especially the highlighted message, a lot better and a lot faster. This helps them make better informed decisions as to whether or not take the action desired by the business organization.

Businesses who put thought in the development of their videos can also leverage their ranking in the search engine results pages. This can significantly improve the number of visitors drawn towards the business’ website. With highly compelling videos with professional voice over website visitors will be able to find the content more meaningful. This can be translated into fewer bounce rates and longer average session lengths which can all mean that more and more customers are staying on the website and enjoying its content. On a marketing perspective, this provides a great opportunity to convert this traffic into leads and even sales by placing appropriate call to action buttons.

This also creates a feeling of connection with customers. By providing high quality, very informative, and very compelling videos, customers are more willing to take the action desired by the company. It may be as simple as allowing the business to send the customer weekly newsletter or even asking the customer to download a trial program or product. Because the video, together with a very compelling professional voice over, has been able to touch a nerve in the customer, he becomes a more willing partner in the growth of the business.

Video marketing is a very powerful tool. It is for this reason that the voice over should also be done very professionally. It simply does not make sense to have a very cinematic and very compelling video but lacks the impact of a truly professional voice over. By making good video and an equally excellent voice over, businesses can capture their customers’ attention a lot better, increase their interest in what the business has to offer, and generate a sense of excitement over the perceived authoritativeness and credibility of the business as an organization. Seasoned and well-respected voice over talents can convince viewers to perform the action that businesses want them to take.

All of these translate to excellent user experience. This then translates to enhanced reputation as a brand which, in turn, can help improve the ROI. Such is the value of a professional voice over in today’s businesses.

A Different Approach to Voice Over Acting

It’s been said that you’re only as good as your word. It is true that the things that we say should be followed up by actions true to our voice. The fact of the matter is if we don’t follow through than people will stop believing what we say. So it is very important to do what you say and say what you mean.

The same goes for professional voice over actors. When trying to audition for a voice over job, we must be diligent in how we speak. The timeline given for a project if of the utmost importance. If we say a 24 hour turn around then we need to mean it. So many times I’ve heard from professionals who have hired voice over artists to voiceover their projects, they say that it takes the actor more than the allotted amount of time to do the project. This leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the people hiring the actors.

Another point to mention is sound quality. In this day and age many voice over professionals use at home recording equipment.While oftentimes this is more than sufficient, the novice can record a bit of static in the background. This makes for an unprofessional sound and again the actor needs to stick by their word and deliver a quality audio.

In closing, to be a voice over actor it is important to have the best recording equipment and a high level of integrity. Otherwise the unprofessionals in the world could make the hard working and honest voice over actors look bad.