(L to R) Dr. Wayne Wilks, Dr. Robert Morris (Chairman, TKU), Dr. Steve Riggle (Board, TKU), Dr. Ray Gannon, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

Are you interested in getting a solid Messianic Jewish Education of the highest caliber? The Messianic Jewish Studies Program at The King’s University (TKU) could be the answer to your prayers, providing the kind of Messianic training that one needs to be a Messianic Rabbi, a Messianic Pastor, or to minister to the Jewish community from within the traditional church.

This unique Messianic Jewish Studies Program at TKU began in 2007 through the vision and cooperation of Dr. Jack Hayford of TKU, Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI), and the board of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI).

Dr. Ray Gannon was appointed to direct the program, which under his leadership, has continued to grow and expand. The program not only offers a Bachelors or Masters degree in Messianic Jewish Studies, but also a Doctor of Ministry in Messianic Jewish Leadership. This Messianic partnership at TKU provides a dynamic, accredited educational opportunities for Messianic Jewish ministry leaders and all those interested in seeing the Kingdom of God expand in the Jewish community.

Through JVMI’s generous support, this program was strongly established. Due to the educational mission of the MJBI, both the JVMI and MJBI boards agreed to shift the TKU program under the primary oversight of the MJBI starting in February of 2013.

The MJBI Board is represented by such quality leaders as Rabbi Jonathan Bernis (MJBI Chairman), Rabbi Dan Juster (MJBI Vice Chairman), Rabbi Marty Waldman, Mike Becker, Roger West, Pastor Olen Griffing, Pastor David McQueen, Dr. Wayne Wilks (MJBI President) and Dr. Ray Gannon (MJBI Vice President for Academic Affairs).

Dr. Gannon continues to direct the Messianic Jewish Studies Program at TKU and works under the leadership of TKU President, Dr. John Spurling.


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Why Messianic Jewish Studies?

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